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Doing so, however, also turns on the embedded LED light that signals the webcam has been activated, a clear hint to the user that something could be amiss if this behavior is unexpected.

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Note that ‘Copy from Server’ does not over-write the list, so you are better off removing all the entries first and then doing ‘Copy from Server’.The ‘Copy from Server’ option had me stumped though.

The first step is to check the root hints on the following site: ftp://internic.net/domain/db.cache After that we can open the DNS Manager, and then click on Root Hints.Always download a new version of db.cache once or twice year is sufficient. Somehow I came upon the root hints of my Windows DNS Server today and had a thought to update it. You can find the root hints by right clicking on the server and going to the ‘Root Hints’ tab.The Root Trust Anchor, or Key Signing Key, is used by DNSSEC-enabled software to verify the contents of the DNS root zone is valid.It additionally enables a single chain of trust to DNSSEC-enabled top-level domains and beyond.Even better though would be to put the IP address of one of the root servers returned above. nameserver = f.nameserver = e.nameserver = d.nameserver = c.nameserver = b.nameserver = a.f.internet address = f.AAAA IPv6 address = 20c:e0::1 e.internet address = 203.1 e.AAAA IPv6 address = 2001:dd8:6::101 d.internet address = 2.53 d.AAAA IPv6 address = 20c10::53 c.internet address = c.AAAA IPv6 address = 20f0::10 b.internet address = b.AAAA IPv6 address = 20::87 a.internet address = a.AAAA IPv6 address = 20::73 Server: Un Known Address: (root) nameserver = l.(root) nameserver = h.(root) nameserver = b.(root) nameserver = k.(root) nameserver = f.(root) nameserver = c.(root) nameserver = d.(root) nameserver = j.(root) nameserver = i.(root) nameserver = g.(root) nameserver = m.(root) nameserver = e.(root) nameserver = a.l.internet address = l.AAAA IPv6 address = 200:3::42 h.internet address = h.AAAA IPv6 address = 200:1::803f:235 b.internet address = 192.2 b.AAAA IPv6 address = 20::b k.internet address = k.AAAA IPv6 address = 2001:7fd::1 f.internet address = f.AAAA IPv6 address = 200:2f::f c.internet address = c.AAAA IPv6 address = 200:2::c d.internet address = So there you have it.