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So I will not talk alot about the families and characters before them…has practically grown up on home and away.She was here from the first episode and is still here.I was devastated when Jack was arrested and left the show.

She made her first on-screen appearance on 3 February 2006.Also with Alf’s family then it grew bigger and involved more and more families in the bay.Well obviously I did not start watching it when it started, lolz I started watching it a bit after the Sunderland family entered.As Aden begins to trust others again, he gains a close circle of friends including Nicole Franklin (Tessa James), Roman Harris (Conrad Coleby) and Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances).These guys were the ultimate TV couple in the late 90s and were a major reason for Blue Heelers' ratings success.The last episode which aired last year, saw, Tom deciding whether to tell love interest Miranda about a bet he made with her brother Steve to not get involved with a flatmate, otherwise he would lose his beloved car.