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based on the tribe Poeae described in 1814 by Robert Brown, and the type genus Poa described in 1753 by Carl Linnaeus.The term is derived from the Ancient Greek πόα (póa, “fodder”).Gigantic has a distinctive pleasant flavor combination of both chives and mild garlic. This is a silo type corn used for livestock feed, it also is a wonderful wildlife food. Interesting novelty purple carrot has smooth roots averaging 10-12 inches, but can easily reach 16", with bright orange centre and very sweet flavor. Inside it has pure white flesh that is amazingly sweet, tasty and refreshing when left to fully ripen on the vine. Cannot ship to AL Giant show quality 2-5 pound onions!Double the size of a standard garden chive and far more decorative, the elegant arching stems are topped by attractive star shaped flowers. Will grow 5 times the amount of normal corn, there have been reports of 40-50 tons per acre! Easily grown in warm temperate and tropical climates. Globe Kelsae type, golden color skin, firm white flesh, sweet, 110 days.But the farmer in Jesus’ parable (Mat 13:1-23) uses the broadcast method. And predictably, many of these seeds do not produce. Many who hear the gospel never seem to “get it.” The message is stolen before it ever takes root. At the end of the story, Jesus says “they who have ears, let them hear.” In other words, he wants us to learn something and take some action steps.Though commonly called "grasses", seagrasses, rushes, and sedges fall outside this family.The rushes and sedges are related to the Poaceae, being members of the order Poales, but the seagrasses are members of order Alismatales.

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Both the foliage and the flowers of Chive Gigantic are edible. People will slow down as they pass by to marvel at this giant corn! It has yellow skin with a faint, pale netting and can reach a weight of nearly 20 pounds. Tasty stir-fried or boiled and makes a great pickling variety.

With around 780 genera and around 12,000 species, Grasses are also an important part of the vegetation in many other habitats, including wetlands, forests and tundra.

The Poaceae are the most economically important plant family, providing staple foods from domesticated cereal crops such as maize, wheat, rice, barley, and millet as well as forage, building materials (bamboo, thatch, straw) and fuel (ethanol).

While the beans are normally picked at 6-7", they are still stringless at over 10". NOTE: In very fertile soil, plants may grow short vines (runners), but need no support. When it feels solid like a baseball bat it is ready. Excellent resistance to Powdery Mildew and Watermelon Mosaic Virus.

Cannot ship to IA Forget growing regular size chives, you can now grow them twice the size and not sacrifice flavor! Huge 8" flat round bulbs ( and larger ), no woody insides, sweet, dense white flesh, 85 days. The flesh is white on this giant, with a firm texture and tender succulent flavor. Direct-sow in early spring for late-spring harvest, or in midsummer for fall harvest. Unlike most vegetables, Kohlrabi can take a little shade without damage. This giant Tuscan type melon can be for juicing or bragging rights for the largest melon. Harvest at 3/4 slip when the skin changes from bluish to yellowish/tan and the stem develops a little drying or corking.