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Some of the world’s best actors, musicians, and business owners use Authenticity as a strength.And since it’s in the Co-pilot position for both ENFPs and ESFPs, it is a source of growth.,” or Extraverted Thinking, loves building sustainable systems and managing resources.It means taking a utilitarian approach to things rather than seeking consensus or adherence to norms-taking independent action. It helps to listen for the abstract language of the ENFP, which is about meaning and purpose, using metaphors that many people can relate to while keeping their own unique meanings. The ESFP tunes in to what is in it for the other person, whereas the ENFP is interested in their deeper motives. ENFPs may not even notice the physical cues and energy, but will just "know" the meaning of what is or has been going on.ESFP language tends to reference tangibles with specific details when relevant. Both types will describe the experience as getting a feeling of what is going on.

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When I did the Interaction Styles research, I noticed all four types (ESFJ, ESFP, ENTP, and ENFP) with that style tend to easily fall into facilitative roles, not just those with NF preferences.

Both tend to use informing language, but ESFPs will have a little more of a drive to immediate tangible action.

ENFPs are more willing to talk about things for a while when talking is moving things along.

Both want an upbeat mood and love to make others happy. Differentiating Improviser™ versus Catalyst™ is key. Often those with ESFP preferences will talk a lot about helping people so they relate to much in the ENFP (Catalyst™) descriptions.

For the ENFP, there are always new potentials to be explored.