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And these, let's omit these too: "I look 10 years younger than I am," "I hate talking about myself, but..." and any and all derivatives of "my friends/mom/ex/kids tell me that ...

I'm a glass-half-full optimist, who is easy going and looks 10 years younger than I am." I think that if we can all agree to clean up our profiles then maybe, just maybe, we can find some common ground and get back to the business of falling in love (or at least having fun trying).

So I poured myself a glass of wine, and settled in for what I thought was going to be about 5 or 10 minutes of tedium before I got to the juicy part—picking the man of my dreams. The only question that I struggled with in the first section was body type. Well, after a long day of hard work, I absolutely love to have a glass of wine, nestle into my couch and watch an episode of Real Housewives.

I was relieved to see that I was going to be guided through this process with a set of pre-fab questions, most of which were pretty straightforward. On Match.com, you can choose from several options, but it’s very clear that only one or two are desirable: “Athletic and Toned” and “Slender.” The remaining options: “About Average,” “Curvy,” “A Few Extra Pounds,” “Big and Beautiful” and “Stocky,” I learned are all variations on the same theme: “Big as a House.” Now, I don’t care if you hit the gym five or more days a week, at middle age, most of us in normal-land are “about average,” so, in a self-defeating attempt at full disclosure, I selected the “About Average” option in the drop down menu and moved on to the next question. Certainly I do something fun, but for the life of me I couldn’t think of a single thing, not one single hobby. I love to drink coffee in the morning, while reading Facebook and Twitter. I then cheated and looked at other women’s profiles and was brought to my knees.

If that picture looks familiar it’s because I took it for and featured it in this blog post: Yankees VS Mets and What to Wear to a Baseball Game. EXCEPT: Was this me in an alternate universe where I got in a serious relationship my first year in Manhattan, moved with him to the suburbs, and was now broken-hearted and stuck out there?

I am such a sucker for a good story that I created a POF account just to message my picture pirate. It is not meant to be used for fake dating profiles…. And if anyone has a fake online dating profile or catfish story, please share!

The real puzzling part of misrepresenting yourself online when looking for the love of your life, or of July, whatever comes first — is that you aren’t just misrepresenting yourself to a perspective match, you’re misrepresenting yourself to you.

I rarely have much free time as it is, and accepting a new expanding venture workwise has kept me busier than I'd imagined. Every new day at work is a blast with increasing opportunities minute-by-minute, I'm surrounded by an awesome team and I love it!

And because it’s been years since I really thought of myself in any objective way, describing myself in a manner that would 1) accurately represent who I really am, and 2) attract suitors, was no easy task.

On most online dating websites the profile consists of a series of practical questions, such as basic demographic information like age, marital status, education level, cultural background, religion and several questions that allow a narrative response where members get to expound on what their friends have told them about themselves. Faith: Spiritual, but not Religious (whatever that means). Drink: Social Drinker (they didn’t have a ‘Drink Wine with Breakfast’ option).

Earlier on Huff/Post50: On Instagram (i Phone and Android, free), users take photos from their daily lives and have the option to apply a variety of filters to enhance or touch-up their images.

Users then have the ability to share their images on various social network sites as well as Instagram's own social network.